Products branded Naturveda are successfully sold in various boutiques and shops in many of India’s main cities.

Each collection comes with an elegant and practical display box.

Furthermore, if you wish to create a Naturveda’s corner, our Italian Interior Designer can customize a beautiful display set up according to your style and space.

We also offer an introduction in various languages for your staff on the main characteristics of our products, their most important ingredients and benefits, on Fair Trade commerce and the difference between natural and chemical products. This not only to offer the best service for the final consumer but also to spread more consciousness on such topics as human rights, ecological living and global health.

Customized Products

Products made by Naturveda and sold through other brands have already reached the main markets in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

A highly professional standard and a constant research towards improvement, have guaranteed a long and stable cooperation with these companies who are among the most reliable and consolidated European distributors.

Our professional herbalist with a specific degree in Herbal Medicine, has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and can develop a personalized line from scratch, starting with a new fragrance or beneficial blend of Pure Essential Oils, Plants from Forests, Aromatic Herbs and Resins, among other natural ingredients, which can then be applied to incense, candles, perfumed sachets and soaps just to name a few of the products we produce.

Naturveda’s products, sold with its own name or through another brand, are always guaranteed and certified.

Customized Packaging

From studying a customized aroma to designing, printing and packing, Naturveda’s international team work together with dedication since 1994 to meet the high needs of an International market.

Our Team of Designers can propose a suitable packaging for any product created and follow with care and expert eye its process of creation.

We work with various forms of printing, from Offset to Screen Printing and with many qualities of paper, from recycled to sophisticated handmade papers.

We follow the die cutting process and carry through the handmade folding, pasting and inserting of the products in their boxes.

Last but not least, the packing process for shipping of goods is done with great care to guarantee that the products reach the shop or distributor clean, intact and ready to be displayed.